Who we are

Nine rheumatologists and one radiologist with rheumatological expertise have joined forces to form RheumaDatenRhePort GbR - RHADAR.

Our goal is to improve the rheumatological care of the population. Patients should profit from this, but also doctors of the different specialties, i.e. rheumatologists as well as the so-called primary care providers. All medical institutions are to be relieved of their administrative work and the medical work is to be brought more to the fore. To this end, we use the possibilities of IT technology and drive forward our own developments in the e-health sector. We check the effectiveness of these developments by means of published studies.

From a formal legal point of view, we are a GbR. We need this legal form in order to be able to finance our planned developments through reasonable management.

Cooperation is an essential component of our work. We strive for close cooperation with the Professional Association of German Rheumatologists, the German Society for Rheumatology and other medical organizations. Cooperation with the self-help organizations, the DeutscheRheumaLiga e.V. (German Rheumatism League), is also important to us.

Rhadar includes