Rethinking rheumatology

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Too few rheumatologists?

There are clearly too few rheumatologists working in Germany to provide the population with sufficiently good care. According to the German Society for Rheumatology (DGRh), there should be twice as many rheumatologists as are currently active in order to implement all the possibilities of the specialty.

How does someone with a rheumatic disease get to the right doctor promptly?

With our rheumatologist network, we bring patients and doctors together much more quickly in the event of a rheumatic disease and can start treatment promptly.

How can someone with rheumatism help with their therapy themselves?

The patient essentially contributes to his or her recovery with the help of our tools, as the attending physician can digitally view progress of the treatment via apps and adjust or change therapies if necessary.

How can digitalization relieve rheumatology practices of administrative tasks and allow more time for people?

We are working on tools that give you more freedom and keep administrative tasks to a minimum - focus on the important details, your patients.

We would be happy to inform you here about the goals and work of the RHADAR group in rheumatology.